It's not often fans get to see the softer side of David Coverdale. The high-octane vocalist and front man of Whitesnake spends a lot more time belting out metal classics like 'Still of the Night' than he does talking about kittens and rainbows. But in an interesting new video clip, the rock legend is interviewed by his granddaughter, revealing that his famous shaggy blonde mane hides a gentle family man.

The video clip is the first episode of Whitesnake TV, and Coverdale explains that his granddaughter, Georgina, is fulfilling a school assignment by interviewing him. Georgina then proceeds to deliver a surprisingly organized and professional interview, getting the rocker to open up about his parents' influence, his early musical experiences, and more. Coverdale reveals that his personal listening tastes are very wide and run to classical, blues, soul, jazz and even Albanian folk music (?!), while his favorite movie is 'The Godfather.'

That leads into perhaps the cutest moment of the clip, in which the iconic rock singer asks Georgina in all seriousness, "Did you ever get into Harry Potter?"

The interview ends with a duet between grandfather and granddaughter, with Coverdale accompanying them on the ukelele. Could this be a preview track from an upcoming Whitesnake album? Only time will tell.

Watch David Coverdale Interviewed by His Granddaughter