Is there a chance you have a vintage Jimi Hendrix concert poster packed away in your attic or down in your basement? Now is the time to go looking for it, because rock 'n' roll memorabilia collector Andrew Hawley has launched a search to track down an original concert poster from every single Hendrix gig that took place from 1967-70 in the United States -- and he's willing to part with $3,000 for each poster he finds.

Hawley's website lists more than a dozen specific Hendrix posters he is seeking to buy, but he's willing to pay the loot for any number of other concert bills from the legendary guitar god.

"After the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival in California, Hendrix’s popularity soared," says Hawley. "Hendrix toured America heavily and at one point performed approximately 60 concerts in 66 days. It is believed that a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert poster was made for each venue in the United States, so finding each of these posters would be a tremendous feat.”

He continues: “Hendrix played absolutely everywhere from sold out arenas such as Madison Square Garden to college auditoriums like Clark University in Worcester, Mass. Hendrix was incredibly photogenic so his image was very popular to use on many forms of concert advertisements like handbills and posters."

Hawley's vintage concert poster search extends beyond Hendrix, and he's offering $3,000 and up for original vintage fliers, posters and handbills from the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and others. Check out the website for complete details.

Then again, if you do have a Hendrix poster, you may want to look elsewhere to sell it. Some have been known to fetch $8,000 or more on the open market. Or maybe you just want to hold onto it -- a vintage psychedelic Hendrix poster certainly wouldn't look very shabby if you framed it and put it on your wall.