Vince Neil's Las Vegas strip club is open for business. Girls, Girls, Girls enjoyed a "soft" opening last weekend, with firm plans for an official unveiling on April 13.

The Motley Crue rocker was on-hand to go over some of the details with the Las Vegas Sun. He's had his hands on everything, from the multiple VIP rooms to the HD televisions and the music. “The one thing you will hear is rock," Neil says. "The one thing you won’t hear is hip hop.” Previously he said that the club will be edgier than most.

"The girls will be edgier. Tattoos won’t be banned. Second, the music isn’t going to be boring. None of that house, generic strip club music. This will be full on rock and roll…Yeah, we’ll even play a little Motley, but tons of others, too! The mix will be something both tourists and locals want to add to the sexcitement.”

This image from photographer Tom Donoghue gives fans of '80s rock and naked women a quick peek inside the club. As you can see in more detail over on the Sun, the walls are decorated with Motley Crue memorabilia and more naked women. “It is a dream come true. I don’t know why I waited so long," Neil tells the paper.

“We’ve already added several new design elements I came up with, and it’s changed the look and feel of the place. Give us another three weeks to the official opening, and this will all be fantastic.”

The singer adds that the "hard" opening on April 13 will be a star-studded affair as he's planning to invite as many of his rocker-friends as the club will hold. Until then he'll be busy ironing out the details, the leather and the lace.