Van Halen are gearing up to kick off a North American tour in support of their much-anticipated reunion album, 'A Different Kind of Truth,' their first with founding singer David Lee Roth since '1984' -- and Ultimate Classic Rock is giving away two tickets to any one concert on the trek (see below for more details).

With the official launch less than two weeks away, Roth couldn't help but speak out about not taking the tour for granted -- and admitting that a few health scares have put a fire under him and his fellow aging bandmates. “It is indeed a privilege and a gift to be able to have this job as opposed to a lot of the jobs the state offers,” he joked to the Toronto Sun, adding that “everybody has had at least one or two medical near-misses or at least one or two dental tragedies. Sometimes that’s all it takes -- you get your teeth knocked out a couple of times and you start to realize you’re mortal. That illumination alone can rebind a band.”

Joining Van Halen on the road will be opening act Kool and the Gang -- not the first band you'd expect to support them on a tour, but Roth believes they have more in common than perhaps at first glance. “We picked Kool and the Gang to open for us because Kool and the Gang and Van Halen are the sounds of an entire continent at recreation,” he explained. “We’ve come to represent that.”

We’re giving away two tickets to any one show on Van Halen's North American tour (travel expenses not provided, sorry -- open to U.S. residents only). Enter to win by following @ultclassicrock on Twitter and re-tweeting the announcement of the giveaway. You must enter by Wednesday, Feb. 15, noon EST, 2012. We’ll choose one winner at random (tickets are extremely limited, so in the event that a show is sold out, winner may have to select an alternate city). Good luck!

Van Halen 2012 Tour Dates

02/18 -- Louisville, Ky.
02/20 -- Detroit, Mich.
02/22 -- Indianapolis, Ind.
02/24 -- Chicago, Ill.
02/28 -- New York, N.Y.
03/01 -- New York, N.Y.
03/03 -- Uncasville, Ct.
03/05 -- Philadelphia, Pa.
03/09 -- Buffalo, N.Y.
03/11 -- Boston, Mass.
03/13 -- Manchester, N.H.
03/15 -- Montreal, Quebec
03/17 -- Toronto, Ontario
03/21 -- Ottawa, Ontario
03/24 -- Atlantic City, N.J.
03/26 -- University Park, Pa.
03/28 -- Washington, D.C.
03/30 -- Pittsburgh, Pa.
04/01 -- Rosemont, Ill.
04/10 -- Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
04/12 -- Orlando, Fla.
04/14 -- Tampa, Fla.
04/16 -- Jacksonville, Fla.
04/21 -- Greensboro, N.C.
04/27 -- Nashville, Tenn.
04/29 -- St. Louis, Mo.
05/05 -- Tacoma, Wash.
05/07 -- Vancouver, B.C.
05/09 -- Calgary, Alberta
05/11 -- Edmonton, Alberta
05/17 -- Winnipeg, Alberta
05/19 -- St. Paul, Minn.
05/24 -- Denver, Colo.
05/27 -- Las Vegas, Nev.
06/01 -- Los Angeles, Calif.
06/03 -- Oakland, Calif.
06/05 -- San Jose, Calif.
06/12 -- Anaheim, Calif.
06/14 -- San Diego, Calif.
06/16 -- Phoenix, Ariz.
06/20 -- Dallas, Texas
06/22 -- San Antonio, Texas
06/24 -- Houston, Texas
06/26 -- New Orleans, La.