British fans of Van Halen can purchase two new songs from 'A Different Kind of Truth,' which are so far unavailable in the United States. 'Blood and Fire' is available on the UK Amazon, as is an until now unreleased song called 'The Trouble With Never.'

While fans in the states can't plop down the pounds for the full version, they can listen to the preview at the UK Amazon site. "When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor," David Lee Roth sings over Eddie Van Halen's shredding. The song seems to fall in line to much of the material that's been previewed in various ways since they announced a new album would be released on Feb. 7.

"That's the trouble with never / It does seem like a mighty long time / That's the trouble with never / When was the last time you did something for the first time."

Last night's episode of 'CSI' on CBS also featured new Van Halen music. 'Stay Frosty' was included in a scene at a strip club. The band also released an official preview of the song on YouTube. So far, unlike the first three songs from 'A Different Kind of Truth,' there have been no reports that either of these songs came from earlier demos.

In honor of Eddie Van Halen’s birthday today (Jan. 26), we’re taking a tour through every one of the band’s albums and giving you the chance to vote for the best song from each one in our Van Halen Album by Album Readers’ Poll.

Listen to Van Halen's 'The Trouble With Never'