The Van Halen 'Tattoo' onslaught continues with the arrival of the song's official video, which finds Van Halen simply performing their charismatic concert stage magic in an empty, small club setting.

The laid-back groove of the song (reviewed here) leaves lead singer David Lee Roth plenty of room to ham it up, which luckily enough seems to be one of his favorite ways to pass the time. He employs a gigantic black and white checkered car race finishing line flag, several flashy outfits -- all suitable for his age, no ass-less chaps -- and about a nine dozen dance moves during the song.

Which is a good thing, visually, because his bandmates are primarily focused on performing the song, with Eddie, Wolfgang and Alex offering somewhat restrained stage moves (and lots of friendly smiles) throughout the clip.

At the end there's tons of confetti and falling balloons, but the video was shot in black and white so the effect is rather muted. There's also no conceptual storyline - looks like nobody's going back to high school or sword fighting in videos this time out. Still, it's great to see Van Halen working their magic once again, right?

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Watch Van Halen's 'Tattoo' Video