Van Halen have released the second official video from their 'A Different Kind of Truth' comeback album, for the song that in our humble opinion should have been the record's first single, 'She's the Woman.'

We're not saying the album's opening track and first single / video 'Tattoo' is bad by any means, but the record as a whole locks into proper cruising altitude exactly 12 seconds into the next song, 'She's the Woman,' right as Roth lets out that celebratory "whoooo" on the heels of that trademark Alex Van Halen drum roll.

The song features absolutely electrifying Eddie Van Halen action from start to finish; it's easy to picture his guitar as a smoldering molten lump by the end of its recording. His son Wolfgang proves he's fully up to the job with that infectious opening bass figure and solid presence throughout. Roth is of course, wonderfully Roth, following up the climatic finale of Eddie's solo as only he can: "She wanted something to regret... tomorrow morn-ing..."

So obviously, there's nothing bad to be said about the song itself. Perversely, because it goes against our own personal and professional goals, we also think it's pretty cool that Van Halen has turned down nearly all interview and promotional opportunities in support of 'A Different Kind of Truth,' choosing to let the music do the talking and not getting caught up any sort of war of words with former vocalist Sammy Hagar, who has certainly baited them several times in recent months.

Still, would it kill them to put a little more effort into their videos? We get it if they're not up for going back to high school a la 'Hot for Teacher' anymore, but certainly they can find some new way to allow Roth to express himself creatively in the visual realm he's proven so adept at conquering in the past, right?

Instead, this compilation of live footage, some seemingly from rehearsal footage, some from their current arena tour and some from the sweaty small-club New York City show back in January is all shot very well but doesn't flow together particularly well, especially when they head into scrolling still-picture fan-video mode. Roth mugs and dances up a storm, but the rest of the band barely looks at the camera, putting out a very strong "OK, guess we promised you could do this" vibe.

Trust us, the band's current live tour is way more fun than this video shows. So while we'd give the song a nine, we can't be so kind when it comes to this clip.

Watch Van Halen's 'She's the Woman' Video