The latest in a series of wide-ranging videos at Van Halen's official website features the elder band members sitting around a camera talking about old times like three friends sucking down brewskies in the garage. David Lee Roth leads a discussion in which Eddie and Alex Van Halen share how they would rig their stage and electronics to be ahead of their time in the early '70s.

The video starts off a little slow with the three talking about naps, but soon each is sharing stories of the broke vehicles they would tour in, and their early smoke machine. The latter sounds very, very dangerous. Early gigs even featured a light show. "We had all the essential colors," Eddie Van Halen says.

"We had red, white, green and off," Roth answers laughing.

Many stories begin wit,h "Remember the ..." As in, remember the wet t-shirt contests, and remember the way we'd set up the microphones. "For solos I would dance over and hold the vocal mic over to you," Roth says as the brothers crack up. The impromptu nine-minute long interview ends with them talking about women -- drunk women.

"You never give supermodels champagne until there's 90 minutes left in the photo shoot because their little pancreases can't handle the sugar," Roth advises. "And for about 90 minutes everybody's gonna be all tits and pits and after 90 minutes (falls asleep on Al's shoulder)."

Watch Van Halen Talk About Old Car, Early Show Business