The staff at the Roxy on Sunset in Hollywood, Calif., have revealed that the almighty Van Halen have been rehearsing at their establishment two to three times per week for the past two months. The employees have kept the news under wraps but couldn’t contain their excitement or the good news any longer. Talk about having a reason to run to work every day, to get there early and to stay late. It was like the members of VH were "co-workers!"

In a post on the storied venue's website, it was revealed that Van Halen were stationed at the Roxy for a three-day video shoot for their upcoming single. That was enough to send the staff into full on "geek out" and "fanboy and fangirl" mode. Turns out that Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen grew quite fond of the digs and decided to rehearse there for the upcoming tour, which was announced this week without confirmed dates and venues.

Even though the Roxy staff could not film the rehearsals, that didn't stop them from listening to and watching the band. It was like their own intimate concert, it seems. The staffers also shared some of their favorite memories of VH's rehearsal residency. We're sure they got permission to do so, too.

Our favorite shared experienced? When Kathy from the Roxy revealed, "I just loved the first time they played 'Running With The Devil.' it sounded exactly like it did when I was working box office at The Whisky." She's a diehard.

VH are most definitely back!

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