A preview of the final track on Van Halen's upcoming new album 'A Different Kind of Truth' has been revealed. 'Beats Workin',' a meaty, guitar heavy jam was made available to NoiseCreep.com. The entire album will be on sale next Tuesday (Feb. 7).

The song is another that will bring fans back to the David Lee Roth heyday, even if in this case it's not so much because of his vocal efforts.

Instead, it's Eddie Van Halen's thick guitar introduction that muscles the first 60 seconds of this song forward. It's not technical or flashy. Instead he opts for a few fat chords that drip with distortion and feedback. For a final cut, it really is one heck of a strong entrance.

The guitarist continues to work around David Lee Roth's unique vocal style as he did for years prior to the singer's departure, and how it appears he's doing on other previewed tracks from the album.

'A Different Kind of Truth' is the first album with Roth in over 26 years. The band will kick off their U.S. tour on Feb. 18 in Louisville, Ky. You can win tickets to see a show of your choice, from us, right here!

Hear a Preview of Van Halen's 'Beats Workin''