Our Valentine's Day gift guide is here to help you find the perfect present for the classic rock fan who's affections you're currently pursuing -- or have already captured. You'll find ideas from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses and many more, but you better hurry up because the big day is fast approaching! So without further ado, here's our Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Classic Rock Edition:

  • 10

    Pink Floyd 'Back Catalogue' Poster

    Pink Floyd

    This poster titled ‘Back Catalogue’ is an officially licensed Pink Floyd poster certain to excite the majority of male Pink Floyd fans. The poster pictures the back-sides of six nude women sitting poolside and the beauty lies in that they all have Pink Floyd album art painted on them. This is body art at its full-sized finest, depicting six classic album covers by the band, printed, rolled and shipped in a poster sleeve. The only thing left for you to do is add your handwritten ‘wish you were here’ message.

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    The Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers' Box Set

    The Rolling Stones

    If you’re thinking about a big smooch, nothing says it better than the Rolling Stones' iconic lips and tongue. This gift maximizes on that idea by re-packaging ‘Sticky Fingers,’ which features Andy Warhol’s famous crotch shot photo on the cover. This boxed set houses a T-shirt and a hot-candy-red-vinyl pressing of the record. The title alone has its share of innuendos and will hopefully convey the words that you’re too shy to say out loud.

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    Tom Petty Wall Clock

    Tom Petty

    Perhaps a Heartbreakers item shouldn’t be on this list, but Tom Petty and his band use that splendid heart logo of theirs in so many unique ways that we simply can’t resist. Fifteen inches in diameter, this wall clock with a Flying V guitar going through its heart will prove to be a conversation piece for years to come. Picture this: you can create a corny message based around the ‘time’ you and your loved one have been together, or use this piece of home décor to bring up the long-avoided topic of "moving in with one another."

  • 7

    Love Story DVD


    We’re cheating here as this gift has very little to do with romance other than its title. Still, if you’re in a relationship with a serious fan of classic rock, you will gain some credibility points by giving this DVD to your loved one. Whether you’re buying for a longtime fan or someone who’s slightly curious, this documentary about Arthur Lee and his incredible band Love deserves to be viewed and then shared. The film company Start Productions truly care about its subjects and took the utmost care when putting this film together. This story will tug on the heart strings of any music fan and that’s a promise.

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    Guns N' Roses Baseball Jersey

    Guns N' Roses

    As suggested, forget about buying flowers -- unless of course they’re roses, as in Guns N’ Roses. This baseball jersey is short sleeved, embroidered, buttons down the front and is black with red-striping and a patch on the sleeve. Baseball season is almost here so if you hope your honey to stand out at the stadium, this jersey should prove to be a winning gift.

  • 5

    Kiss Wine


    So, if you’re the domestic romancer, you may be thinking about dining in -- and what better to pair with your homemade dinner than some Kiss Army wine? Red wines, white wines, by the bottle or paired in a gift set, you are going to look pretty sweet pouring a glass of ‘Dressed To Kill’ Cabernet Sauvignon. Every bottle is etched and painted by hand, and comes with an official certificate of authenticity. The two-bottle gift set (pictured) comes in a specially-branded Kiss wooden collector's box.

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    Runaways and Joan Jett T-Shirts

    The Runaways and Joan Jett

    Listen up boys; this is a win-win gift suggestion. She's going to get a gift she’ll cherish and meanwhile, your girl is going to look super-hot in these fitted T-shirts made for real-deal rocker chicks. Choice number one is the Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie Corset t-shirt with a screen-printed corset front that just screams ‘Cherry Bomb!’ Choice number two is the simple huge black-heart on a V-neck white shirt that is code for “I love Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.” So dress her up in style ... and put another dime in the jukebox, baby!

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    T-Rex 'Electric Warrior' Box Set


    When it comes to the legend of St. Valentine, we remember the humble Christian martyr Valentinus, who fought against the threat of death from the Romans to continue practicing his beliefs. Sounds like Valentinus could have used an ‘Electric Warrior’ -- which leads us to suggest you pre-order this three disc T-Rex box set. Two audio discs that include the original album, singles and loads of demos and outtakes paired with a DVD disc loaded with TV appearances and promo videos from 1971-1972. Includes photos, a book and coaster and is bound to score you some ‘Hot Love.’

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    Aerosmith 'Dream On' Pendant


    So, you’ve bought jewelry for her before, but have you ever looked into the Aero line of Aerosmith jewelry? This solid sterling silver pendant is a lovely heart with the words ‘Dream On’ deeply embedded and repeated in silver. Custom designed, hand cast, hand finished and hand polished, this pendant could take your relationship to the next level. Add a matching silver chain and she’ll be your dreamy Valentine all year long.

  • 1

    The Fab Four Getaway Weekend

    The Beatles

    Nothing says “be mine” like an invite for a weekend get-away -- and if you’re going to invest in that sort of love gift, you may as well do it in Fab Four style. If you’re located in the U.S.A., consider taking your Valentine to Las Vegas to see the Beatles ‘Love’ show. Cirque du Soleil celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles through their timeless, original recordings and what a perfect way to create a colorful memory. Or, if you’re abroad, you may want to check in to the Beatles ‘Hard Days Night’ Hotel located in central Liverpool. Choose to spend the night in the Lennon or McCartney suite while enjoying all the comforts of lodging in a four-star independent hotel. ‘All You Need Is Love’ and this idea may get you a mate for life.