Turn and face the strain, Ultimate Classic Rock faithful: to quote David Bowie, we've gone through a few ch-ch-ch-changes around here.

As we approach our third birthday, we've decided to freshen up the site's design, which you've no doubt noticed during your most recent visits. In addition to a new logo, we've altered the color scheme -- most noticeably in our articles, where as requested by many of you, text is now black-on-white instead of the other way around. This should be quite a bit easier on the eyes.

It's all part of UCR's ongoing growth, which has so far resulted in almost a million Facebook fans, more than 67,500 Twitter followers, and nearly 11,500 articles. These include timely stories on the latest classic rock news, exclusive interviews, in-depth looks back at important moments in rock history, and an expanding collection of longform content. And that's only the story so far -- we're just getting warmed up. Check out our rapidly expanding collection of original videos, for example.

Of course, none of it would mean anything without your readership, for which we're eternally grateful. First and foremost, this redesign is aimed at making Ultimate Classic Rock more enjoyable for you to navigate and read, so we hope you've found our recent changes an improvement. If you haven't already, take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments!

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