U2 has opened up about moving the band's publishing company from Ireland to the Netherlands, a decision that sparked massive protests at a signature UK music festival. Critics believed U2 made the switch in 2006 to avoid taxes in their home country, and that led to angry fans clashing with security guards at Glastonbury.

"Was it totally fair? Probably not," the Edge tells the Observer. "The perception is a gross distortion. We do pay a lot of tax. But if I was [the Glastonbury protestors] I probably would have done the same, so it goes with the territory.”

At the same time, Bono asserted, the group has always been honest about its financial dealings. "All of our stuff is out in the open," he said. "How did people find out about it? Because it’s published. The sneakiness is when you don’t even know what’s going on."

U2 made a splash last month by releasing its new album 'Songs of Innocence' for free via iTunes, and have promised a follow up soon -- possibly to be titled 'Songs of Experience.'