U2 has blasted their way back into NYC for a two-week stay at Madison Square Garden on their 2015 Innocence & Experience tour. Bono was as fearless as ever, beginning the show by making his appearance on a platform at the end of a runway and strolling confidently toward the stage. After joining the others on the stage, U2 exploded forward, engulfing the audience in its mesmerizing theatrical experience. The band provided a strong, stoic contrast to Bono’s fiercely savage delivery, proving they are as adept at commanding an audience now as they were 20 years ago.

Their musical prowess was sharp as they journeyed through their extensive hit catalog, accented by the scenery transitions on both the massive overhead screens and the ever-changing physical elements of the stage setup. The ultra-modern screen show is masterfully designed and seamlessly executed. With this innovative new concept, U2 has created an ethereal odyssey through psychedelic landscapes, packing so much detail in the imagery that you almost won’t know where to look next. The excitement and emotion that this theatrical experience evokes is sure to set new standards for musical acts of all genres.

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