‘From the Sky Down,’ a new documentary focusing on U2 and the creative forces that went into the making of their 1991 album, ‘Achtung Baby,’ had its world premiere on the opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival last week in the Canadian city.

Singer Bono and guitarist the Edge were on hand alongside director Davis Guggenheim ('An Inconvenient Truth,' 'It Might Get Loud') to speak with audience members before two screenings of the flick.

‘From the Sky Down’ offers a rare peak into what goes into the making of a U2 album, using archival footage from the band’s early days through their watershed ‘Joshua Tree’ album and their own movie, ‘Rattle and Hum,’ which was a commercial and critical disappointment. Also included are animated sequences and contemporary interview clips showing the band returning to the Berlin studio where they recorded ‘Achtung Baby,’ an album many considered a bold reinvention of their sound.

"We're very, very protective of our privacy, and especially, our creative process," Bono told the festival crowd before the first screening. "Not because we're that precious, which we are. But more because of that old adage, if you knew what went into the sausage, you wouldn't eat the sausage."

‘From the Sky Down’ will premiere on Showtime in October. In the meantime, check out a trailer for the flick here.