'From the Sky Down,' the documentary about U2's 1991 release 'Achtung Baby,' will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 8. The film was directed by the venerable David Guggenheim, who lensed the global warming doc 'An Inconvenient Truth' and nabbed an Oscar for his effort.

What's interesting about 'From the Sky Down' in relationship to the Toronto International Film Festival is the fact that it is opening the event. The fest has been kicked off by a Canadian film for the past 35 years and has  never been opened by a documentary. But when it's a rock doc about icons like U2 and one of their landmark albums, it's perfect time for a major festival to make a few changes to its programming.

'From the Sky Down' is an in-depth and informative look at the creation process and the enduring legacy of 'Achtung Baby,' which is celebrating its 2oth anniversary this year. The album was one of U2's most critically and commercially successful releases, thanks to the strength of hits such as 'Mysterious Ways,' 'Even Better Than the Real Thing' and 'One.' The doc boasts archive footage as well as new interviews, so it certainly has earned "must see" status for diehard U2 fans.

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