U2 lead singer Bono was reportedly rushed to a hospital in France earlier this week after complaining of chest pains. According to the story, the singer was released the same day but ordered to get plenty of rest.

NME reports that Bono spent a number of hours at the Princess Grace Memorial Hospital last Wednesday (Aug. 17) as a result of the scare. A leading heart specialist examined the singer and apparently found nothing that a little R&R won't cure. He was seen two days later with his wife and friends, relaxing at a nightspot in Monaco.

However, musician Julian Lennon, who was one of those aforementioned friends, tells his Facebook fans that it was just a routine check-up: "For those whom are fans of Bono, the recent reports about him going to hospital with chest pains this weekend, were completely false... He did, however, go for a regular check up last week, but was given the all clear! He's in fine form!"

Hopefully all's well, and regardless of his health, Bono is clearly due for some rest after completing the band's over two-year long 360 tour, which reportedly grossed over $736 million dollars. We also wonder if the recent news report that Bono stood to profit about a BILLION dollars from his shares in Facebook caused him to momentarily grab his chest, like any other normal person who just hit the jackpot might do.