Bono and a team of other musician, actors and celebrities are featured in a new public service announcement that uses profanity to get a significant message across. Created by the anti-poverty group ONE, the announcement repeatedly uses a (bleeped out) F-word to point the audience’s attention to the real obscenity: Famine.

The point is to educate people about the hunger crisis in East Africa, and inspire people to take an interest in standing up against famine. The U2 singer, along with Annie Lennox, Colin Farrell, George Clooney and the others, declare “F--- Famine” and “Famine is man-made” time after time (on top of The Stooges' 'Now I Wanna Be Your Dog') until the message about the real problem is heard loud and clear.

30,000 children have died in the last three months in the region, and millions of people in the Horn of Africa continue to suffer from hunger. It’s absolutely tragic to think that in severe cases, an African mother has to decide which one of her children she’ll feed and which one she’ll have to let starve.

David Bowie and his wife Iman have carried this torch for many years, attempting to create awareness about this horrific situation. Now, with high profile artists such as Bono and the others supporting the cause too, this crisis may finally get the attention and aid it so desperately deserves.

Watch Bono in the “F--- Famine” PSA