Despite his abrasive public persona, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is, by all accounts, a surprisingly smart and friendly guy when he isn't screaming his head off on stage. But that doesn't mean his fellow contestants on the upcoming season of Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' should count on making friends with Snider once the cameras start rolling -- if his comments during a recent interview are to be believed, he's out to win no matter what.

"It's different than any other one," Snider told Rolling Stone when asked what makes 'Apprentice' different from other reality shows. "It's really all about the win. There is no social element to it. I mean, you're certainly with people and you have camaraderie and relationships going on, but it's purely fueled by the work and it's all about taking you out of your comfort zone. Some of the reality shows I've done have been about filming you in your comfort zone — this is about keeping you away."

Asked whether his time on the show changed his preconceived notions of Trump, Snider answered "Totally. This may be an image killer for him, but every person in the cast will you that he is gracious, welcoming, considerate and self-deprecating. He jokes about his hair and his assets when the camera is off. He has his persona, but it definitely changed my opinion of him."

Twisted Sister's latest project, the five-DVD box 'From the Bars to the Stars,' was released in November. The new season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which also features Clay Aiken, Adam Carolla, Lou Ferrigno, Arsenio Hall, Penn Jillette, and George Takei ("Sulu, Suuu-luuuu!"), is set to debut Feb. 12.