The Cars' 1979 hit 'Let's Go' provides the music for the new role-reversing Toyota Venza commercial.

The spot starts off with a recent college graduate, explaining how he had to move back in with his parents to keep an eye on them.

Before you get all misty, thinking they must be in ill health or of unsound mind, you see our hapless narrator escorting his perfectly hale and hearty, and obviously fun-loving, parents to a party. He's all uptight up front while they sit in the backseat and sing along to the lead-off track from the Cars' 1979 album 'Candy-O.':

"I like the night life baby / She said / (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, clap-clap-clap-clap) Let's go!"

See, now he's become the (needlessly) worried parent, spending his nights home alone wondering when his loved ones are going to come back.

What does any of this odd and unlikely slice of family life have to do with the functions, affordability and general desirability of the Venza? We have no idea.

We also don't care. Any chance to listen to this infectious bit of stripped-down snyth-rock is OK by us. Supposedly, none other than Prince was recently opening his concerts with this song, which is something we'd love to see.

Another thing we're afraid we missed our chance to see? The 2011 Cars reunion -- are we supposed to think that's all over already? If so, that's way too fast for our liking, hopefully they'll hit the road again soon.

Watch the Toyota Venza Commercial Featuring 'Let's Go' by the Cars