One year ago Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath released his memoir, 'Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell With Black Sabbath.' The hard cover book came just before his lymphoma diagnosis, leaving the full story untold. That will change this fall when Iommi releases the paperback version.

On Nov. 8 in the U.K. and Dec. 11 in the U.S., Iommi will open up about a battle that threatened his life, as well as the planned Black Sabbath reunion tour and album. "It's got new chapters bringing everything up to date, including my battle with lymphoma," he said in a simple statement about the release.

'Iron Man' made the New York Times Best Seller list upon it's release last November. It came just days before the band announced they'd be reuniting, plans that were later compromised by Iommi's diagnosis and drummer Bill Ward's contract dispute. Still it looks like fans will get new music from the metal rockers in 2013, April 2013 to be precise.

Iommi has stayed active during treatment, helping the band to write the 15 songs he says are ready for recording. Last week, he revealed Black Sabbath is six tracks into the new album. Producer Rick Rubin gave the April 2013 timetable via Twitter.