Tony Iommi's new autobiography is 25 years overdue. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Black Sabbath guitarist admits he wanted to write what has become 'Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath' in 1985, but he was too busy. The book, co-written T.J. Lammers, finally hits stores on Nov. 1.

Iommi says all four original Black Sabbath members are on good terms but won't disclose if a reunion is in the works. "There is no status at the moment," he tells Rolling Stone. "That's something that always can happen. We just get on with it and see what happens."

The article details his drunken hijinks with Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. The two went out on the eve of Iommi's wedding and got so plastered Bonham's wife wouldn't let him into the bedroom. "I couldn't believe it, early in the morning, he turned up all dressed up in his top hat and everything," Iommi says about the next day. "I'd only gotten up – I hadn't had a shave or anything. I felt absolutely awful, and he was as bright as a daisy."

Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin also shared a secret jam at the end of a recording session in London. Bonham frequently wanted to join Sabbath on stage however drummer Bill Ward wouldn't allow it. "John did get up on one occasion, and broke Bill's kit. It was in the early days, and Bill couldn't afford to buy new cymbals and snares. Of course, after that, John would come along, and say, 'Can I have a go on your kit, Bill?' And he'd go, 'NO!'"

Iommi's book will fill in the significant Black Sabbath gaps that Ozzy Osbourne's 2010 autobiography 'I Am Ozzy' left out. He takes readers through the band's rise in the '70's and fall in the '80s. He also talks significantly about the importance of the late Ronnie James Dio.