An injury forced him to miss a couple of dates on the band's Final Tour, but Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee says he's ready to get back behind the kit.

Lee's been battling inflammation in his left wrist, which kept him sidelined during stops in Buffalo and Bridgeport, Ct. The band had an able replacement in Glen Sobel, the drummer for the tour's support act, Alice Cooper, but when the Final Tour touches down in Abu Dhabi on Nov. 20, Lee has vowed to make his return to the lineup.

"I’m back to 100 per cent," Lee told the National. "I bruised a bone in my wrist, but after a serious double dose of cortisone that helped with the inflammation, and with the help of this little wrist machine to exercise it, I’m back to normal."

As Lee pointed out, these little injuries are just part of life on the road, particularly as musicians get older and pile on the miles — and it's even worse for drummers.

"I’m always getting injuries like bruised and bloody knuckles from catching a cymbal or the edge of a drum. Drumming’s pretty physical. We sit at the back of the stage getting beat up like a workhorse," he explained. "Anytime you do something repetitive over a sustained period – and this tour’s already been a year and a half – your body just says ‘I’m hurt. I can’t do this.’ But I’m all good now. They got me back into shape and I’ll be slugging the drums like a maniac in Abu Dhabi."

Vowing that the crowds will be treated to "the full-on Mötley Crüe experience," Lee noted that although he's done DJ sets in the area, the band has never performed there, and he's looking forward to seeing them have their first experiences with the United Arab Emirates. "The guys are gonna freak out, it’s so cool there," he enthused. "When I DJ’d there I was treated like a king. They’re such nice people and I’m sure we’re gonna have a blast."

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