Australian DJ Nick Thayer did more than sample a hook from Tommy Lee; he invited the Motley Crue drummer to help complete a new song. Titled "Fly S---," the dance track quickly became a rock/hip hop hybrid with the addition of rapper Mikill Pane. You can check out the above video, which unfolds like a Tokyo-based adventure in The Hangover series.

"This track started as a beat I made in L.A. with Tommy," Thayer told Less Than 3. "The drums were played in live using MIDI, then we replaced a bunch of the sounds. The vocal I recorded in London with Mikill Pane, who I'd been trying to collaborate with for ages. ... Then we were talking about Tommy and watching some YouTube videos of him drumming and he was yelling 'Yeah, motherf---ers!' and all this other stuff, and we thought, 'You can't fake that kind of energy.' And plus, it sounded fantastic over the beat, so that became the hook."

Thayer previously collaborated with Lee on "Optimize" from Thayer’s 2013 EP Worlds Collide. The DJ is issuing "Fly S---" on his own label to coincide with Motley Crue's tour dates in Australia.

For anyone questioning how one of the '80s' most notable metal guys ended up working with an EDM DJ, Thayer notes that Lee has fully embraced the music. “Tommy’s just excited about music in general,” Thayer told The Music. “I think he comes to music from a very similar place as I do – which is we hear the emotion before we hear the genre.”

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