Tom Petty has scheduled a live chat with fans for Thursday (Dec. 15) at 5:30PM ET. All questions are fair game for the rocker, who can be found at @tompetty. The twit-chat is scheduled to last one hour.

To participate fans must include the hash tag #tompettyTCS after each question. Fans can find the stream by searching for #tompettyTCS and then clicking "update" every few seconds to see the latest questions being asked.

Some possible questions for Petty may include updates on his 2012 tour, which includes a date at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Or pepper him with questions about when a new album might be available, or if songs from 'Mojo' will once again be heard on tour. Perhaps you want an update on rumored dates or new music from the Traveling Wilburys.

Maybe you want to know if he has any plans to star in another movie? Or maybe you just want to know what he had for lunch? There are no bad questions during Tom Petty's live Twit-chat on Thursday.