The lead track from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers's 'Kiss My Amps Live' EP is a Mike Campbell showcase.

The guitarist shows his penchant for for explosive, dirty blues bending on 'Takin' My Time' and throughout the album. Vocally Petty doesn't try to get in the way of a song that isn't about him.

His lyrics come in short, emotional bursts around the Heartbreakers muscle. "Takin' my time / I'm slowin' down a little bit / Takin' my time / I'm slowin' down a little bit," goes the first verse in it's totallity.

After the second double-coupling of words Campbell announces himself with authority, pulling and bending the strings as he holds on to single notes for an eternity before sliding up the neck in a way that's much too easy to visualize.

"Losin' my way / To somethin' stronger than me / Losin' my way / To somethin' stronger than me."

The singer has said that although he's always been a fan of artists on Chess Records he didn't feel the band had the experience to pull of a unapologetic blues record until recently. The production is still a little too slick to be mistaken for the work of Muddy Waters, but the emotion and inspiration are genuine.

Rarely have the Heartbreakers had a chance to show off like they do on this song and the others on 'Kiss My Amps Live.' The live audience adds a new energy to these performances from 'Mojo,' and the limited availability make this a must have for fans of both Petty and mid 20th century blues. (By the way, you can sign up to win a copy below.)

Listen to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 'Takin' My Time' (live)

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