The UK-based reissue label Edsel will tackle Todd Rundgren’s vast body of work with five double CD sets of material, ranging from his 1970 debut 'Runt' to 1977’s Utopia albums 'RA' and 'Oops, Wrong Planet!,' set for release on Oct. 3 overseas, each accentuated with a healthy amount of previously unreleased tracks.

Of particular excitement is the CD debut for tracks from the original mis-pressing of Rundgren’s solo debut ‘Runt,’ featuring alternate mixes and takes, plus two exclusive songs. Additional volumes in the reissue series add assorted demos and rarities, plus tracks sourced from live radio broadcasts through the years.

Each title features new liner notes ported from Paul Myers’ 2010 book 'A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio,' which covered Todd's own studio work as well as his production work for other artists in great detail.

Rundgren has been revisiting his classic catalog with full album performances, although as he recently told us, he's going to be taking a break from that type of show for a while, because a lot of work is required to prepare for those special shows, which find Rundgren pulling material from the original multi-tracks and rehearsing extensively.

Most recently, Rundgren released a new album this past week called '[Re]Production,' featuring his revised dance-influenced interpretations of material that he previously produced for other artists.