Thunder guitarist Ben Matthews, absent from the band's lineup since taking some time off to have his tonsils removed earlier this summer, will remain sidelined awhile longer due to doctors' discovery of cancerous matter during the procedure.

The band shared the news via Facebook post, writing, "As you will remember Ben had his tonsils removed a while ago. Unfortunately, the surgeon found some 'extra' matter attached to one of them, and after some tests, it was subsequently found to be malignant. In effect, he has cancer, and needs treatment, which will mean a course of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy."

That's grim news, especially for a guy who thought he was going in for a tonsillectomy, but the outlook may not be as serious as it sounds. "Whilst the treatment is not pleasant, we're told the percentage chances of a happy outcome are 'in the high 90s,'" concludes the post. "We'll update you when we have some more news. In the meantime please join us in wishing him well."

In the meantime, Matthews' duties are being held down by the Union's Peter Shoulder, who stepped in for him in June; his arrival was heralded by a typically cheeky announcement from Thunder, who said "Ben is currently advising Pete (via text) on hair tips and shape chucking. In return Pete has agreed not to sing and play too well. Please join us in wishing Ben a speedy recovery, and thanking Pete for saving the proverbial bacon."