Theory of a Deadman found some high-profile help for their new 'Savages' LP when they reached out to Alice Cooper for a cameo appearance on the title track. Cooper clearly enjoyed the experience, as he also turned up for an appearance in the recently released video for the 'Savages' single.

Singer Tyler Connolly described the experience of working with Cooper during an interview with Loudwire, saying, "I flew out to where he lives. He’s got a studio at his house, he has a radio show there, and it was really straightforward. They had the stuff at his house, but Howard Benson, the producer, was back in L.A. -- he couldn’t go. So we just had a Skype call. Howard could hear everything that was going on and tell Alice what to do. Alice was great; he’s a pro. He’d never even seen the lyrics before. He’s like, ‘I got this.’ It’s like a one-take wonder with this guy; he’s great."

The band's fifth album, 'Savages' was released on July 29, peaking at No. 8 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart. The set's first single, 'Drown,' was a Top Five hit at Mainstream Rock stations. Meanwhile, Cooper -- who recently covered the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' for an upcoming Paul McCartney tribute album -- is readying his long-in-the-works covers album for release in 2015.