Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have returned to work on some new music as the Who, but don't expect the debauched revelry of days past. They're far more apt, Daltrey joked at the Pride of Britain awards, to turn to age-focused over-the-counter drugs than anything illicit.

“It’s not as rock 'n' roll -- it could never be as rock 'n' roll because we are older," Daltrey admitted, before adding a funny quip. "There’s drugs, but they are just different. It’s now all Imodium and those types."

Daltrey and Townshend are working on a rare full-length project that follows a new song titled 'Be Lucky,' recorded to round out an upcoming 50th anniversary-themed hits compilation. The Who have released only three original albums since the early '80s, including a pair in 1981-82. Their most recent was 2006's 'Endless Wire.'

"The Who have got a new record out," Daltrey said. "It’s 50 years on, and we have passed the audition. We’ve done one song, and we are going to do a whole album. It’s exciting.”