The Pretenders deliver a lengthy and impressive live run through their best known songs on the concert film 'Loose in L.A.,' recorded in 2003 and newly re-released on Blu-ray disc.

Band leader Chrissie Hynde and long-time drummer Martin Chambers lead a lively and surprisingly fierce five-person band through 26 (!) songs, ranging from the very beginning of the Pretenders' career all the way up to 2002's 'Loose Screws,' the album they were supporting at the time.

Hynde is in great voice and flirtatious form all night, despite the fact that she was apparently sick enough to require a shot before the show ("I'll probably grow a beard tonight," she joked to the crowd) to keep her vocal chords going through the show.

Of course fan favorites such as 'Message of Love,' 'Middle of the Road' and the show-closing 'Brass in Pocket' bring the most fervent fan response, but the Pretenders reveal the depth of their catalog with strong renditions of lesser-known songs such as the piano-driven 'The Losing' and the sultry 'Time.'

Chambers remains a marvel behind the drum kit, earning every bit of the attention and applause Chrissie sends his way during the band introductions. Lead guitarist Adam Seymour's cool stage presence and stinging, economical leads prove a perfect on-stage foil for Hynde, who of course commands the stage effortlessly with and without her own guitar.

It's just a fantastic show, any fan of the Pretenders is going to want to have this if they don't already. Not only that, if you haven't seen the band, and don't have them way up high on your list of must-see concerts, this document might set you straight before they come around again.

Watch the Pretenders Perform 'Brass in Pocket' from 'Loose in L.A.'