The Hood Internet are a combo known for their mash-ups of indie-rock and hip-hop. The results are quite often amusing to say the least. In a recent outing for the AV Club, the band decided a more straightforward approach was called for as they deliver a cover of the Pretenders' classic, 'Back On The Chain Gang.'

The song, which originally appeared on the 1984 album 'Learning To Crawl,' is done up here in, more or less, a straight cover version. They do mellow the tempo a bit, and they certainly alter the melody in certain parts. The female vocalists add an almost Ian Curtis (Joy Division)-like somberness to the proceedings as well. The Pretenders' version, a tribute to former Pretenders guitarist James Honeymann-Scott, who died in June 1982, was released as a single and made No. 5 on the Billboard charts in late-1982.

To date, the Hood Internet have released six mixtapes, which are all available for free at their website. They are planning on releasing their first album of original productions this fall.

Watch the Hood Internet Perform 'Back on the Chain Gang'

The Hood Internet covers The Pretenders