The Eagles' bassist Timothy B. Schmit revealed that the band doesn't have a packed schedule planned for 2012. However, that doesn't mean the band isn't thinking well ahead into the future and considering things such as a musical documentary that would likely be bound for Broadway. No joke!

Schmit told VH1 Classic Radio that while 2012 looks "very slow" for The Eagles at this point, there are other things in the works, such as "a documentary of the history of the Eagles. There’s talk about a musical. You know, Broadway."

The Eagles on Broadway? That we gotta see. However, it's not coming down the pike in the near future. Schmit was quick to point out that such a creative endeavor is years down the road. He said, "But that would be, I would think, two to three years down the line at the soonest. But as far as touring, I haven’t heard, so far there’s nothing planned."

So while there are no tour dates to look forward to at this point, other than the band's appearance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas next Saturday (Nov. 19), this musical documentary Broadway thing is enticing and has us psyched for the future.

Schmit, on the other hand, has dates with his country rock band booked through December.