If you thought the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame semifinals would get easier after we made you choose between the Beatles and the Who, we've got bad news for you. Your next task is to decide if the Doors or Cream is more worthy of moving on. Each month, our readers will determine which of eight legendary artists or bands is immortalized forever for their contributions to classic rock history.

The Doors were masters of mysterious, unconventional-sounding rock and roll, led by the genre's most acclaimed lyrical poet, Jim Morrison. In just over four years they released six classic albums that remain essential parts of any true music fan's music collection today. They advanced to the semifinals by defeating David Bowie (63% to 37%) in round one.

Cream were the rare supergroup that not only met, but exceeded their advance hype. Much like the Doors they were only around for a brief time, but they blended psychedelia and the blues to redefine what a power trio could do, and left behind a treasure trove of classic songs including 'Badge,' 'White Room' and 'Sunshine of Your Love.'

Like we said, this is a tough decision, but we know you'll make the right call. You can vote once a day in both of our semifinal matchups from now until 11:59PM ET on Sunday, April 21. You can read the Hall of Fame's official rules right here. Be sure to mark your calendars for May 1, when the second entrant into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame is revealed.

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