More than four decades after it was filmed, the Beatles documentary 'Let It Be' could finally be headed for a DVD and Blu-ray release.

According to The Second Disc, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg and the surviving Beatles have been supervising the reissue for some time. "We have been been working on it pretty much every year for the last couple of years," he told WNYC-FM during a recent interview. "The plan is, at the moment, to have it come out, I think, in 2013."

Intended to capture the Beatles getting back to their live roots, 'Let It Be' became an accidental chronicle of the band's collapse, and although the score went on to win an Oscar and a Grammy, the circumstances surrounding the film -- as well as bitterness surrounding Phil Spector's production on the album -- have complicated its legacy.

Briefly available on VHS and laserdisc in the early '80s, 'Let It Be' has been out of print for years, but once the Beatles reissue campaign started (ironically, with a 'naked' version of the soundtrack in 2003), fans have been hoping to see it rescued from the bootleg market. Now it seems like they'll finally get their wish.

First, however, they'll reportedly get a remastered and expanded 'Magical Mystery Tour' -- due sometime in 2012.