"We'd be happy with a dollar for our album," says the Beach Boys'  Bruce Johnston. The band are set to issue their first album of new material in over twenty years, 'That's Why God Made The Radio.' In a recent interview with Billboard, Johnston said, "Years fly by and people are making albums on their own and they sell them for $10, and if they sell 10,000 they're happy. I'd rather make $1 an album, sell a million and reach more people."

"Capitol stepped right up to the plate a lot better than they did the first time around," added Johnston. "I used to be an A&R guy at Columbia Records with Terry Melcher when I was 21 years old and I took all of this for granted." To date, the Beach Boys have charted more than 30 Top 40 hits, and are one of the most popular bands of all-time, with more than 14 million albums and close to 6 million digital songs in the last 20 years alone.

The guys are currently on the road for their 50th anniversary tour, and with expectations riding high for the new album, Bruce shed a little light on the forthcoming LP. "Brian had scraps of songs and we've just been shoving them together," he said. "It's more Brian-heavy than Al (Jardine) or myself." Mike Love added, "This band has always been about us singing songs Brian writes."

The new album is due out June 5, and the 50th anniversary tour has the band on the road...all summer long...