A celebrity bear hunt held by Ted Nugent's Sunrize Safaris company could be in danger now that illegal hunting charges have been brought up against the New Brunswick, Canada lodge hosting the event.

According to CBC, there is no suggestion Nugent is connected with any wrongdoing in the case. However, if the owners of Lawrence Dyer and Sons Outfitters are found guilty of the charges – which include possessing illegal animal parts, illegal hunting and illegal hunting practices – their lodge could be closed down, presumably forcing the cancellation of the hunt. (The report also rather dryly notes that when reached for comment about the charges, one of the operators of the lodge "became verbally abusive and hung up.")

The Sunrise Safari New Brunswick Bear Hunt is currently scheduled for June 21-27, 2015 and offers fans a chance to recreate the expeditions featured on Nugent's popular Spirit of the Wild hunting program. Nugent was not scheduled to attend this particular hunt, but you can sign up to join him for his Birthday Bash Hunt in Texas this December, a Michigan Whitetail Hunt this November, or one of two Pork Slams taking place this June.

Unlike most years, Nugent told us he plans to keep a light concert schedule this summer. "My 2015 is already dedicated to introducing myself to my grandchildren," he explains. "I have 11 grandkids out there and I’ve got to teach them all how to gut and skin stuff. That’s my job! I love them so dearly and I want to have quality time, not just a quick, ‘How do you do, because I’m touring in your city this year?'"

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