The tats belong to the multi-talented Gregg Allman, who got his first taste of musical fame with his brother Duane in the Allman Brothers Band. Tragically, Duane passed away in 1971 after a motorcycle accident. Gregg continues with his namesake band to this day, and also launched a successful solo career.

Allman, who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2007, believes he obtained it from some of his extensive ink work, saying during an interview, “I got it from one of my earlier tattoos they told me, back before AIDS, when they had ten needles in a bucket of alcohol and they’d fish out two and load the damn thing up and say what do you want – what color and where? The last dude that just left is probably still on the needle.”

After an extended breakup, the Allman Brothers have been back together since 1989 with a revolving door of band members throughout the years. The current touring lineup features Allman alongside guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks.

Allman’s memoir ‘My Cross to Bear’ is out on May 1, read more about it here.

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