Meat, beans, cheese and a new version of an evergreen classic rock hit. What more could a Taco Bell customer ask for?

That seems to be the thinking, anyway, behind the fast-food chain's latest ad campaign, which seeks to make consumers hungry for its Crunchwrap Slider by depicting one man's quest to obtain crunchy, wrappy satisfaction while illegally parked. Down to his last dollar, our hero brazenly neglects to feed the meter, assuming Taco Bell's speedy service -- and his own fleet feet -- will get him back to the car in time to avoid being ticketed.

Is he right? Well, you'll have to watch the commercial to find out.

The whole thing is soundtracked by a new version of the Steve Miller Band's 'Take the Money and Run,' recorded by synth-rock duo Priory. The band, currently working on a new full-length effort while touring with Billy Idol behind their recent EP, probably won't win the hearts of many Miller fans with this cover, but it isn't a bad version -- and really, this was always kind of a dance song anyway.

If there's a problem with using 'Take the Money and Run' for a Taco Bell commercial, it's that the marketing geniuses at the restaurant should have realized they were opening themselves up to a million jokes about the runs, plural -- but that isn't Priory's fault. Check out the commercial above, and read their interview with our friends at Diffuser here.