Richard Wright

Richard Wright didn't have the outsized personality of <a href="">Pink Floyd</a> bandmates <a href="">Syd Barrett</a> and <a href="">Roger Waters</a>, and his instrumental prowess was never as celebrated as <a href="">David Gilmour</a>'s. And yet, as Gilmour was the first to tell anyone, many of Pink Floyd's most revered moments -- from 'Interstellar Overdrive' and 'Echoes' to 'Us and Them' and 'Shine on Your Crazy Diamond' -- were driven by important contributions from this shy, but <a href="">critically important</a> figure. As Waters ascended to a leadership position in the late '70s, however, Wright's role diminished. He finally left as the '80s began, but not before launching a sporadic solo career with 'Wet Dream,' which featured <a href="">King Crimson</a> alum Mel Collins. The four-part concept album 'Broken China' included guest vocals by <a href="">Sinead O'Connor</a>. By then, Wright had rejoined a Waters-less edition of Pink Floyd, and he'd later appear on Gilmour's solo tours -- performing 'Breakthrough' from the 'Broken China' album, along with other Floyd favorites. Wright died in 2008.