R.E.M. Officially Breaking Up
In a surprising announcement via their official website, R.E.M. have stated that they are breaking up, ending a highly successful and creatively influential career of more than three decades. Founding members Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills (original drummer Bill Berry departed in 1997) iss…
R.E.M. Already Working on Next Album
Although their most recent album 'Collapse Into Now' was just released in March, R.E.M. are already back at work, recording a new studio album in their home base of Athens, Georgia.
R.E.M., ‘Uberlin’ – Song Review
R.E.M. add a worthy new title to their already impressively packed collection of chiming folk-rock songs with 'Uberlin,' the new single from their 15th studio album, 'Collapse Into Now.'