A well-respected progressive metal band, Queensryche sold more than 6 million albums in the U.S. alone between 1988-94, a period that included their signature project 'Operation: Mindcrime.' Guitarist Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield remain from the original lineup, formed in 1982 at Bellevue, Wash. Original guitarist and principal songwriter Chris DeGarmo left in 1997, followed by frontman Geoff Tate left in 2012, but not before Queensryche had logged sales of more than 20 million albums worldwide on the strength of songs like "Silent Lucidity" from 1990's 'Empire.' Tate now leads his own band called Operation: Mindcrime; Queensryche replaced him with Todd La Torre.

Geoff Tate Looks To Continue Using Queensryche Name
Queensryche may have been able to keep their name for touring purposes in court, but the legal matters are far from over. The biggest issue concerning the band and their former singer Geoff Tate at the moment concerns online access to websites utilizing the band's name.
Queensryche to Headline 2012 South Texas Rock Fest
Now that the remaining members of Queensryche have won a ruling that will allow them to temporarily keep their name even though they're in the middle of a legal battle with former singer Geoff Tate, the band is wasting no time in filling up their tour schedule.

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