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Elton John Signs Book Deal
Elton John has signed a deal with Little, Brown & Company to write his very first book about his experience in fighting the spread of AIDS around the world. Throughout ‘Love Is The Cure’ John, who is 64, will be sharing very personal stories about his life during the AI…
Best Beatles Album – Readers Poll
The Beatles obviously have a very large -- and very dedicated -- fan base, and decades after the Fab Four split, fans continue to put their money where there mouths are, consistently snatching up both new releases like the multi-platinum '1' hits collection and vintage Beatles discs.
Keith Richards Recovering From Surgery
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is currently recovering from surgery. But before you get all worried about the legendary axeman and his health, realize that he underwent a relatively minor and routine procedure -- having laser eye surgery to correct his deteriorating vision. At 68 years of a…

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