Stone Sour are unleashing an EP's worth of covers for Record Store Day on April 18, but you don't have to wait until then to hear their take on Metallica's "Creeping Death."

The track is just one of several classic rock covers on the EP, titled Meanwhile in Burbank ... , which also finds the band offering its own spin on songs by Judas Priest ("Heading Out to the Highway"), Kiss ("Love Gun") and Black Sabbath ("Children of the Grave"), as well as a version of Alice in Chains' "We Die Young."

"This is something that we've been talking about since the first album came out. We've always wanted to do this," said singer Corey Taylor on The Jasta Show. "Even as people have come, people have gone, this is still something we've always come back to, and we just never had the opportunity to do it. And we just kind of said, 'Well, screw it.' You're going back to these songs that you just love to listen to, not only just sing."

The Burbank ... EP follows a North American tour that saw the group putting a variety of different covers into its set list, including songs that ended up on the EP. Explains guitarist Josh Rand in a press release, "The idea was not to shy away from a song because it was popular or pick a band that most people might not have heard, but to pick ones that truly meant something to one of us at some point in our life."

Check out Stone Sour's "Creeping Death" above, and keep an eye out for Meanwhile in Burbank ... on Record Store Day this Saturday, April 18.

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