Stevie Nicks looks for temporary comfort in a relationship she realizes is doomed on her new single 'Secret Love.' The song, which reportedly was written back in her Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' days, comes from new solo album 'In Your Dreams.'

Some sort of cosmic wisdom seems to radiate from Nicks as she calmly takes control of the situation on this mid-tempo but somehow energizing track. It seems like the break-up has already happened as we join the story, with her now ex-lover in tears. Stevie agrees they can still help each other out, and seems to need the companionship herself: "I'm not asking forever from you / I'm just asking to be held for a while."

However, if this guy's thinking of getting back together, or that she's having trouble getting over things, he doesn't need to bother, she's already moved on and is just trying to help them do the same: "But you need some rest / My darling it's best / But we already passed it, I cried / Ooooh-weee, listen to me / My secret love secretly died."

Stevie's voice sounds just wonderful on this, especially when she's multi-tracked on the choruses. The production, a trouble spot on some of her recent albums, is strong as well, with a snappy, percolating rhythm section and chiming, atmospheric guitars, reminiscent of U2's recent work, swelling up near the end.

'In Your Dreams' is Nicks' seventh solo album and first since 2001's 'Trouble in Shangri-La.' She just rapped up a tour with fellow '70s veteran Rod Stewart, hopefully pulling him out of that loungey-standards mode he's been stuck in for the last few years.

Listen to 'Secret Love' by Stevie Nicks