Thursday was elimination night on 'American Idol,' and with almost half the Top 25 sent packing, things got bloody. Let's see how Steven Tyler reacted to the carnage.

The singers were brought up in groups of three or four, and then, in pre-taped segments, legendary producer Jimmy Iovine (who's been a much-needed voice of the industry on 'Idol' since last season) gave his opinion on the performances each singer gave this week -- and Jimmy don't play.

Examples: "Originality is a necessity, and I didn't see a bit of it there," and "The judges loved that guy. I didn't." Yeowch. Steven took such issue with one of his critiques that he called it "horsesh*t," but honestly, Jimmy wasn't wrong very often.

Then Ryan Seacrest put each contestant in a guillotine and pulled the string. If the blade dropped, heads rolled and that's how you knew someone wasn't staying.

No no no. That's not what happened. Ryan just announced who was in and who was out. (But wouldn't the guillotine be awesome?)

One of the girls who got through is a pretty, statuesque teen that Steven leeringly joked about during her audition -- with her dad in the room. Now that she's staying, Fox will squeeze every bit of faux-tension out of that situation. So that'll be fun except, you know, it won't.

Now that we have our top 13, things get really crazy. See you next week.