Steven Tyler has started a new philanthropic initiative named after one of his most famous songs with Aerosmith. Janie's Fund, which takes its title from 1989's "Janie's Got a Gun," was established in partnership with Youth Villages to support girls who have been subject to neglect and abuse.

"As a father and grandfather, I want to focus my energy on things that really matter and leave behind something else in this crazy world along with my music," Tyler said in a news release. "I am starting Janie's Fund to give a voice to the millions of victims who haven't had one and encourage everyone to join me on this mission."

An initial fundraising drive launched yesterday and continues through the end of the year. Those who sign up during this period become founding members of Janie's Fund and receive limited-edition Tyler merchandise. Other rewards include the chance to win a VIP package through Prizeo, which includes passes and a meet-and-greet with Tyler before an upcoming performance. All founding members will also be recognized at the official website for the charity. Tyler is also enlisting the help of stars like Bono, Elton John and others to help raise awareness.

"Janie's Got a Gun" helped Pump become the first in a pair of seven-times platinum smashes for Aerosmith. The song – which is about an abusive father – was the band's second-highest charter during a period of resurgence in the late '80s, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard singles chart.

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