No one knows how Joe Perry's autobiography will sell after it arrives on store shelves today, but one thing's for sure: Perry doesn't seem to be holding back when it comes to offering his point of view on his oft-stormy partnership with Aerosmith co-founder Steven Tyler.

"Steve has become more driven and hungry for acceptance and fame than he was in the '70s or even the early '80s," Perry told Guitar International when asked whether he's found a way to work around Tyler's occasionally inscrutable antics. "He was more of a team player back then. Even when I first met him, I knew he was going to be a handful. There was something about him that was off," he laughed, "but, hey, everybody is quirky. He is also an incredibly talented musician and drummer with an incredible voice. I figured whatever comes along with that package I can deal with."

He might have a little extra to deal with after Tyler reads the book, but for now, Perry chuckled that he's "enjoyed watching" his bandmates "squirm a little." More than anything, he added, he wants to wait until finished copies are available. "I want them to see the whole thing done ... Other than that, they haven’t seen it that I know."

And if what he's written does make waves in Aerosmith, Perry seems content with the knowledge that he's spoken his truth. "For me, it’s really about keeping my eyes open and having faith in my own instincts," he mused. "If it feels right and I’m honest with myself, that is how I’ll live my life. I’ve certainly made mistakes and had to make compromises, but not in the places that I think are important, which are my relationships."