It's a hard life out there for the paparazzi. Not only do they have to lug around those cameras while chasing celebrities all the time, they have to think up new questions to ask -- which is probably how TMZ ended up asking Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler about his favorite kind of pie.

The encounter, uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 29, took place in a parking garage, and although neither Tyler nor his small entourage appeared terribly interested in talking about anything with TMZ's cameraman, he flashed the quick wit that's made him one of rock's most entertaining frontmen for four decades and running.

Repeating the question to make sure he'd understood correctly, Tyler responded, "Pootley pie." As many of us would probably be forced to do in this situation, the cameraman asked Tyler what "pootley pie" is, but he dodged the question, only offering, "You're from L.A. and you don't know what it is?"

Suitably stumped, the cameraman returned to the TMZ offices, where the network's crack team of ace reporters sat around trying to figure out what Tyler meant. Our vote was on a 'Honkin' on Bobo'-style double entendre, but as it turns out, "pootley" is actually slang for marijuana. So the next time you feel like baking Steven Tyler a pastry, you might want to try sprinkling some hemp seeds on the crust.