Steven Tyler and Aerosmith might not get invited back to the set of 'Today' after swearing and calling the show 'Good Morning America' during an appearance this morning. Neither incident happened during the band's "official" appearance, in fact it's obvious Tyler didn't think his microphone was on when he dropped the f-bomb.

"Thanks for coming out, you crazy f***ers!" Tyler can be heard saying during Al Roker's weather report. The weatherman couldn't ignore the bomb, which was louder than he was being at the time. "What did he just say?" Roker says before leaning into the camera and adding, "That's why they haven't done mornings."

It was the second time he uttered the phrase. During a cut-in earlier in the show the band is gathered together and Tyler sings "Good morning America." It could be argued he wasn't truly name-checking the competition's show. But Roker didn't think so, even after Matt Lauer tried to move past the slight.

"That's why they haven't done morning television!"

The band is doing promotion for their new album 'Music From Another Dimension,' which hits stores next Tuesday (Nov. 6).